Positive Self Talk: 100 Sleep Affirmations to Practice Before Bed

Positive affirmations and positive thinking are very powerful tools when trying to accomplish anything in life – including achieving quality sleep. In fact, positive thinking is a major part of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and CBTi (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), which are both designed to help replace negative patterns of thinking with positive ones.

The old adage, “If you dream it, you can do it”, applies here. By filling your mind with positive thoughts about sleep, you can start to let go of the negative associations and stigmas you’ve created around sleep. Oftentimes these negative thought processes cause increased anxiety at night, worsening insomnia symptoms.

To get you started on your path to more positive thinking, we’ve compiled a list of 100 sleep affirmations to help transform your thinking and your life! These sleep affirmations are also broken down into different categories including affirmations to reduce stress and anxiety at the end of the day and others that promote a deeper night’s sleep. Thanks to their brevity, you can use as many of these affirmations as you want. Choose a few favorites that you read aloud every night and then incorporate a few different ones depending on your current mood or the specific sleep troubles you’re facing at that moment.


Sleep Affirmations to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  1. I feel calm, relaxed, and at peace.
  2. I am ready to give my body the rest it needs.
  3. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.
  4. I am feeling calm and relaxed now that my day is done.
  5. My heart is full and I am grateful for who I am and what I have accomplished.
  6. My body and muscles are relaxed and I feel light.
  7. I am welcoming positive energy into my mind and body.
  8. I am choosing to fill my mind, body, and heart with healing and nurturing energy.
  9. My life is easy and filled with plenty of happiness, joy, and love.
  10. I am safe and secure inside myself and my surroundings.
  11. My heart is open to receiving all the love and light the world has to offer.
  12. As I rest my head, I embrace stillness and peace.
  13. I release this day as I prepare for tomorrow.
  14. I am in control of my thoughts and I choose to think positively.
  15. I release any worries or responsibilities from the day.
  16. I will release all things I don’t have control over.
  17. Nothing can disturb my peace if I don’t let it.
  18. I release tension in both my mind and body.
  19. I am grateful for my bed, my body, my bedroom, and myself.
  20. I give myself permission to rest, relax, and do nothing. I’ve done enough today.
  21. I forgive myself for my mistakes and will strive to do better tomorrow. 
  22. I did my best today and there’s nothing more I can do.
  23. My spirit, mind, and body are still and tranquil.
  24. I don’t need to do anything to fall asleep except let it happen.
  25. I can breathe deeply and slowly as I drift to sleep.
  26. I sleep best when I release my worries and anxious thoughts.
  27. I feel at ease when I finally rest my head down at night.
  28. I need my mind to be clear and focused to achieve deep sleep.
  29. All of these thoughts can wait until tomorrow.
  30. Insomnia doesn’t control me, my life, or my ability to get a good night’s sleep.
  31. A peaceful night’s sleep helps release all of my negative thoughts and feelings.
  32. I am entitled to feel good and positive at the end of the day.
  33. Stress and anxiety serve no purpose in my life.
  34. Sleep is my time to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  35. At this moment, everything is perfect and I am at peace.

Nighttime Affirmations for Deep Sleep

  1. When I relax, sleep comes easy to me.
  2. I need and deserve a quality night’s sleep.
  3. With every breath I take, I am feeling more at ease and sleepy.
  4. I am more confident and happier when I sleep.
  5. I love how my bed feels and wraps around me like a tight hug.
  6. I will have wonderful dreams because I have healthy sleep habits.
  7. A deep sleep helps me function and thrive in all aspects of my life.
  8. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than getting a good night’s sleep.
  9. I can achieve deep sleep despite external distractions.
  10. Everyone deserves restorative sleep, including me.
  11. At the end of a long day, I look forward to a good night’s sleep.
  12. Deep sleep heals my mind, body, and soul.
  13. I see things more clearly when I sleep.
  14. I need to take advantage of the quiet opportunities I have to get deep sleep.
  15. Sleep is like a detox for my mind and body.
  16. As I lay in bed, I relax every muscle in my body from the top of my head down my arms and stomach to my legs and feet.
  17. Deep sleep helps with my memory and focus.
  18. I will sleep deeply throughout the night without any disturbances.
  19. My bedroom is an oasis for sleep and rest.
  20. Sleep comes naturally to me when I let it.
  21. I am deserving of rest.
  22. I embrace my body and myself and am thankful for all I have done and can do.
  23. My dreams are harmonious and insightful.
  24. I am ready to recharge and repair my mind, body, and soul.
  25. Every breath I take brings me one step closer to sleep.
  26. I am floating blissfully toward a peaceful night’s rest.
  27. I am present and at peace at this moment.
  28. I am giving my body what it needs to thrive.
  29. I am secure in who I am and happy with where I am in my life.
  30. I feel wrapped in warmth and silence.
  31. Nothing will keep me from achieving the sleep I need and deserve.
  32. My heart is full, happy, and grateful.
  33. Sleep comes easily to me.
  34. Most nights, I sleep well, without interruption.

Sleep Affirmations for Success

  1. I accept my body and feel at ease.
  2. I am confident, strong, and capable.
  3. Sleep and rest are integral to my success.
  4. Without sleep, I can’t achieve my goals and accomplish great things.
  5. I have more energy and potential than anyone else around me.
  6. My health is my top priority and it starts with quality sleep.
  7. When I sleep well, I feel refreshed and focused.
  8. I am ready to tackle a new day because my sleep schedule is on-point.
  9. Every day brings new possibilities and potential.
  10. Sleep gives me the opportunity to renew my strength.
  11. I am creative and productive when I dream.
  12. My quality of sleep will only improve with time and practice.
  13. Tomorrow is going to be a great day.
  14. Sleeping well tonight will prepare me for a beautiful and productive morning.
  15. Tomorrow is a fresh start.
  16. Positive thoughts tonight create the life I want tomorrow.
  17. I grew and learned today. This success will carry into tomorrow.
  18. If I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. 
  19. I choose progress over perfection every single day.
  20. I will wake up in the morning with a more positive attitude.
  21. Tonight’s sleep is the foundation for tomorrow’s success.
  22. I will unplug and unwind tonight so I can conquer the day tomorrow.
  23. My future is bright and prosperous.
  24. At this moment, I am enough.
  25. No one else needs me right now. It’s okay to focus on myself. 
  26. Without sleep I can’t help anyone else, including myself.
  27. Getting a good night’s sleep tonight will make me proud in the morning.
  28. My quality of sleep will only improve with time and practice. 
  29. I love myself for the person I am today and the person I will become tomorrow.
  30. My body is a true miracle capable of achieving great things.
  31. I love myself and welcome beautiful, healing dreams.

The best part about positive sleep affirmations is that you can create and add your own to this list depending on what your specific sleep troubles and hurdles are. Choose ones that speak to your individual needs, worries, and mental roadblocks. The more often you practice these sleep affirmations, the more effective they’ll be.

Changing and improving your thought process about sleep takes time. You need to create healthy sleep habits that, over time, become second nature. You may even find yourself reciting these sleep affirmations subconsciously as you prepare for bed. They will become a normal part of your winddown routine as you memorize them. Even after you overcome your insomnia or other sleep troubles, you can use these affirmations to stay on track and remind yourself of how strong, capable, and amazing you are!

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Tips for Using Sleep Affirmations

Now that you have a list of positive sleep affirmations to inspire you, let’s briefly discuss a few things you can do to get the most out of these uplifting thoughts and phrases.

Believe Them

Just saying these positive sleep affirmations isn’t enough. You need to actually believe the things you’re saying for them to have a positive impact on your sleep habits and sleep quality. When you don’t believe the things you’re saying, you might start to doubt yourself or feel like you’re lying to yourself. This isn’t a very good feeling!

Instead, focus on the effort you’re putting in. Recite sleep affirmations that you do believe in and that resonate with you most.

Visualize Them

Seeing is believing. Go one step further than just repeating these positive sleep affirmations – close your eyes and actually visualize them becoming you reality. Engage your emotions as well. How do you feel when you picture falling into a soft, warm bed in a dark, quiet room? Does the thought of slipping into a warm soothing bath filled with the scent of lavender bring you an overwhelming sense of relief and calm? Probably! The more vivid your visions are, the more accepting your mind and body will be of these newly adopted affirmations and routines. 

Practice Makes Perfect

These positive sleep affirmations won’t take effect overnight (pun intended). You’ll need to repeat them night after night until they become a part of your nightly mantra. They should act as the soundtrack to your sleep routine. Soon, they’ll become second nature. Not only will you believe them but you’ll embody them and see the monumental impact they have on your sleep quality.

Speak in the Present Tense

Achieving quality sleep and utilizing positive affirmations are all about being present at the moment. Speak as if you’re actively doing the things you’re saying. Speak in the first person. For example, “ I am welcoming positive energy into my mind and body” or “At this moment, everything is perfect and I am at peace.” This is one more way to motivate yourself into action.

Recite Them as You Get Into Bed

The best time to recite these positive sleep affirmations is before bed (obviously!). While positive affirmations can (and should) be used throughout the day including in the morning to start your day off right or mid-day when you need a little “pick me up”, these sleep affirmations should be used at night. They’re designed to set you on a path to peaceful, restorative sleep.

Incorporate them into your nighttime routine by reading them as you shut off your lights and climb into bed. You can also write them each night in a journal or recite them while standing in the mirror to feel more empowered and in control. However, you use them, just be sure to do it consistently. If possible, do them around the same time each night as one of the steps in your nighttime routine. Doing so makes it easier for them to become a habit that you stick with.

Discover the Amazing Benefits and Power of Positive Thinking

The phrase “mind over matter” sometimes gets overused, but that doesn’t make it any less true. When you control your thoughts, you can control your feelings and your abilities. If you have a negative relationship with sleep or have struggled with chronic insomnia for years, you may feel defeated and skeptical about the power of positivity.

While these sleep affirmations won’t cure your insomnia, they can act as helpful tools in the healing process. The more open-minded you are about trying different techniques and approaches, the less anxious you’ll feel about achieving the deep, restorative sleep you need and deserve.

Somnus Therapy’s online sleep therapy program is just one treatment method to consider. Click here to learn more about how it works to uncover the underlying cause of your sleep troubles so you can start making positive changes to your mind frame and sleep habits.

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