The Best Crystals for Sleep

You’ve heard of using essential oils for sleep, meditation, and even hypnosis. But what about crystals for sleep? The ancient belief that certain crystals, stones, and gems can benefit your health and well-being dates back to the 4th millennium BC. It’s also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years.

Crystal healing is considered a form of pseudoscientific alternative medicine that uses specific stones to provide restorative healing for a variety of ailments. Most commonly, crystals are used to ease mental stress and anxiety, but many supporters of the practice believe crystals can help ease insomnia and promote better sleep.

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of using crystals for sleep and share which stones work best, why, and where to place them in your bedroom to achieve optimum results.


How Does Crystal Healing Work?

While there’s no scientific evidence that crystals have any real health benefits, there are still plenty of people who believe in the restorative power of certain gemstones. Whether it’s the placebo effect or not, experts and believers in the practice claim that crystals hold the power of healing. It’s believed that certain crystals increase the flow of positive, fruitful energy into the body while purging toxic, negative energy.

Similar to other forms of holistic therapy, crystals help you challenge positive energy levels and start the healing process from the inside out.

Crystals and Sleep: What You Need to Know

Some people believe that crystals can help improve sleep by improving your overall well-being. This includes your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Certain crystals are said to help you sleep better, promote healthier, happier dreams, and combat insomnia.

You can use crystals for sleep in a variety of ways. Some people incorporate these beneficial gems ino their meditation routines, swearing that they not only improve their mental concentration but also increase the positive effects afterwards. Try sitting comfortably on the floor, pillow, or in your dedicated meditation space while holding your favorite crystals in one hand. Certain crystals can help calm your mind and subdue racing thoughts. By visualizing the energy radiating from the crystals and into your body, you may experience deeper, more restorative sleep.

Choose stones that have nurturing, soothing properties (more on these in a minute). If you’re not a fan of meditation, you can still experience the sleep benefits associated with these gemstones. Simply place them near your bedside or under your pillow. You can also incorporate them into your night time routine or use them to create a calming sleep environment.

The Best Crystals for Sleep and How to Use Them

Every crystal serves a unique purpose. While some help reduce stress and anxiety, others ward off nightmares and promote more peaceful sleep. Depending on your sleep troubles, you can choose any of the following crystals to help improve your sleep quality.


This purple crystal is especially breathtaking at first glance. The purple hues range from light lavender to a more intense deep wine color and every shade in between. Amethyst is well-known for its calming properties, so if stress or anxiety is keeping you up at night then this may be the perfect healing gemstone for you.

Amethyst is said to have powerful soothing energy with the ability to cut through tension and promote spiritual bliss. This purple gem invites you to relax and sink into bed for much-needed, restorative rest. Some users even report feeling mildly sedated after placing an Amethyst crystal near their bedside.

Amethyst is also connected to the Crown Chakra, which, in yoga, revolves around spiritual connection and transformation. The Crown Chakra is designed to inspire and make you more aware of your inner strength. For this reason, Amethyst may help those looking to delve into dreamwork or experimenting with lucid dreams and psychic visions.

For the best results, place a small Amethyst crystal beneath your pillow to help your mind, body, and soul unwind and enter a peaceful state of sleep faster. You may also wake to better understand the hidden meanings behind those vivid dreams you’ve been having. The power of the Amethyst can be so powerful that some people have to swap it for a different crystal after experiencing disruptive dreams.

Rose Quartz

In contrast to the intense color and power of the Amethyst crystal, Rose Quartz is a gentle, joyful shade of pink. Rose Quartz is said to be the color of love, offering peace, comfort, and a sense of safety at night. Connected to the heart chakra, this gemstone exudes forgiveness, compassion, and an overwhelming sense of calm. Similar to Amethyst, Rose Quartz can help soothe an anxious mind, ease stress, and promote happiness.

This crystal can also prevent you from going to bed feeling frustrated or angry. Instead, Rose Quartz delivers soothing vibes and radiates warmth, laying the foundation for a night of deep, peaceful sleep. If your bedroom needs more loving energy, then Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for you.

You can place a Rose Quartz amulet under your pillow or near your bedside to keep negative energy at bay and wrap yourself in warmth, love, and comfort. The benefits of Rose Quartz for sleep can be felt by people of all ages. Parents can place a Rose Quartz crystal near their child’s bedside or crib to help them settle-in at night and drift to sleep easier. 

Smoky Quartz

Another type of quartz, Smoky Quartz is almost void of color, like a white cloud in the night sky. Smoky Quartz shields against negative energy, keeping bad thoughts and dreams away. Similar to other clear quartz stones, Smoky Quartz is considered an amplifier stone. This means that it can release strong positive vibrations used to purge out lingering dead air and stagnant energy from your aura.

Channel this gemstone’s energy by placing it beneath your pillow before bed. You can also hold it tightly in your hand during your nightly meditation or while falling asleep. Smoky Quartz is believed to promote good dreams, and clear your energy path so you can achieve a calm mind. By acting as a protective shield, Smoky Quartz prevents negativity from entering your peaceful aura. 


The Celestite stone is a beautiful, soothing blend of soft blue and white. Some people say it mimics the look of a calming sky, which is one reason this crystal for sleep is so popular. One of the more rare crystals for sleep, Celestite offers soft vibrations, serenity, and spiritual blessings to those who possess it.

Celestite is said to help calm the storm that rages within your body and mind, helping to wash away your worries and negative thoughts like a soft rain. Celestite is a gentle gemstone, only providing the balance of energy you need to rest without overwhelming you. This is the perfect gemstone for those feeling agitated, unbalanced, or troubled by inner demons or discomfort.

Placing a Celestite stone beneath your pillow can help you uncover answers to questions or conflicts that have been plaguing you. Celestite can help you process information by calming your mind and learning not to push so hard.


When it comes to bright, cheerful gemstones, you can’t go wrong with Citrine. Often associated with bright, morning vibes, Citrine still offers some benefits for sleep. This stone projects vibrant shades of yellow and orange with hints of brown. Citrine is known for its solar energy and ability to bring positive energy to all those in its presence.

Citrine is the perfect gemstone for those wanting to create a positive, tranquil sleep environment brimming with joy and happiness. By night, Citrine can help cleanse negative energy from your space and prevent nightmares. By day, it helps you start your morning off right with a sense of hope and renewed energy.

The Citrine gemstone is popular in jewelry including necklaces and bracelets. Wear one with you for continued positivity and energy all day long. You can also place a crystal near your bedside with a small nightlight nearby. This radiates a positive glow throughout your bedroom, warding off any bad vibes or negative energy. Just be sure the light isn’t too bright so that it disturbs your sleep. Another option is to place a Citrine gemstone on your windowsill, letting it bask in the sunlight, harnessing its joy and brightness. 


Fluorite is a spectrum stone that’s primarily made of clear quartz with splashes of color including green, pink, and purple. Known primarily for helping ease troubled dreams, Fluorite can help quell nightmares by only letting positive, beautiful images in. People compare the powers of this crystal for sleep with those of a dreamcatcher. To experience its benefits, place a Fluorite stone near the doorway to your bedroom or on a nearby windowsill.

Fluoride promotes both mental calming and mental clarity by helping you sort through any emotions or thoughts that may be overwhelming you before bed. Use this gemstone when you need to achieve a sense of balance and peace. Fluoride can also help you through a period of self-reflection and away from turmoil.

Place a Fluoride stone near your bedside to help bring mental peace and purge anxious thoughts. Here, it will work to subconsciously lead you from whatever situation you’re currently facing to a place of peace.


Like a hot, raging fire, Carnelian showcases vibrant hues of red and with it, the same level of intense energy. Not only does Carnelian help promote better sleep, but it adds passion to your night time routine. This is the perfect gemstone for those looking to reignite the fire and passion in their sex life.

Carnelian is believed to deliver passion back into the bedroom and is often used as a sexual healer for troubled couples. It’s also a powerful gemstone in fertility practices, making it the perfect choice for those looking to conceive. Studies suggest that passionate sex can actually result in a better night’s sleep. Place a Carnelian gemstone beneath your mattress or wear it on a piece of jewelry when trying to conceive or in an effort to reignite the intimacy and passion in your love life. You may also notice you sleep better and more soundly once your sex life is restored.

Black Tourmaline

It’s hard not to notice this dark, intense gemstone. Black Tourmaline is as dark as the night sky and known for its powerful protective abilities. If you need to feel more grounded, this black crystal can help. Black Tourmaline absorbs all of the bad energy around you, replacing it with a cloak of security and comfort. Keep this crystal close when drifting off to sleep and let it collect any negative vibes in or around your aura.

This protective gemstone also helps prevent nightmares, promote feelings of safety, and may even help treat night terrors. Some adults use Black Tourmaline to help quell children afraid of the dark. Adults benefit from the gemstone’s ability to stop them from falling into a negative pattern of thinking and purging intrusive thoughts. Black Tourmaline brings balance to your mind and body, helping you feel safe and more deeply rooted in your life. Like most other crystals for sleep, Black Tourmaline works well when placed by your bed, on a windowsill, or near your bedroom door. 


As the name suggested, the soft white glow of Moonstone radiates shades of warmth. Known for its strong feminine energy, Moonstone is believed to bring peace during turbulent times of change. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, postpartum depression or any other hormonal imbalance, Moonstone can help you regulate your emotions and promote harmony.

Thanks to its feminine energy and aura, Moonstone is also said to harness sensuality, promoting radiance from within and a restful night’s sleep. Moonstone helps people enter a deep dream state while also enhancing sexual encounters. Some ancient believers claim that Moonstone is so powerful that the stones possess a touch of magic.

If you want to deepen your desires in bed, a Moonstone under the mattress may do the trick. Placing it in your windowsill can help attract positive cosmic energy and deliver balance to your life, making it easier to fall and stay asleep. 


Another bright white crystal, Selenite boasts pale shades of translucent color paired with a very strong energy force. This crystal is known for its unique ability to purge stagnant energy from any space or aura. Many people don’t realize that negative energy can build in their bedroom, creating a hostile sleep environment. Selenite gives your sleep space a much-needed spiritual cleansing, replacing stagnant air with more positive and peaceful energy.

Use Selenite to purge your bedroom of toxic energy and any other bad emotional build-up. Some people believe that this crystal can even cleanse a space of the bad energy or aura left behind from others, for example exes or previous inhabitants. This ensures that your bedroom atmosphere is serene, cleansed, and ready for sleep.

Selenite provides a much-needed energy shift by creating a Zen-like sanctuary. It also acts as a safety net for some sleepers. Experts recommend you place a Selentine stone on an elevated surface in the center of the room like a dresser or headboard. This will help bring calm to your chaos and radiate positive energy outward to fill the entire room.


This breathtaking crystal for sleep flashes hues of gold, blue, and green and combines to permeate incandescent energy. Mystery and magic surround the Labradorite gemstone, which is known for its calming abilities. It also promotes creativity and wisdom. Labradorite can help guide you from a place of stress and confusion to a more Zen state where your anxious thoughts simply slip away.

Labradorite can help with both your night time and day time well-being. During the day, this gemstone promotes creativity and inner peace. Some people believe it gives their life purpose and meaning. Labradorite can help you dismiss repetitive or looping thoughts that keep you up at night while also redirecting your negative energy.

If you feel stuck in a rut or facing a mental block, Labradorite can help you break through this mental fog and achieve great things. Tucking this crystal for sleep under your pillow allows it to work on your subconscious mind while you sleep, helping you wake to feel more focused, creative, and aware.


Last, but certainly not least on the list of the best crystals for sleep is Howlite. Like a shining star in the sky, this chalky white gemstone helps promote a soft, blissful slumber. Working to absorb worries that are plaguing you, Howlite can ease anxiety or facilitate deep contemplation – or both. Howlite is said to reduce frustration associated with insomnia, helping sufferers let go of their anger and replace it with peaceful acceptance. By doing so, you may find yourself sleeping better and longer.

Simply place this crystal beneath your pillow for a gentler, deeper night’s sleep free from constant worries and tension.

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Enjoy Peace, Harmony, and Quality Sleep with These Crystals for Sleep

If you’re faced with insomnia, another sleep disorder, or inconsistent sleep, these crystals could help. Depending on what’s plaguing you, each of these gemstones offers unique benefits and healing properties. While there’s no scientific evidence to back these claims, if you’re struggling to achieve quality sleep or are suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, what’s the harm in trying something new? If these crystals for sleep bring you peace of mind and improve your sleep quality, great! And if not, you’ve simply added a few beautiful gemstones to your home decor.

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