Eight Sleep Reviews: Products, Pricing, and More

Many factors affect how well you sleep at night from stress and anxiety to pain, your sleep schedule, and the environment. All of these elements work together to help support a restful night’s sleep. When you think of climbing into bed at night, you should feel relief and comfort. You want a mattress and bedding that cradles and supports your body, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

But with so many mattresses and products on the market promising to be the best, it can be difficult to know which one will fit your needs. While firm mattresses are best for back sleepers and those with back pain, a soft mattress might be better suited for side sleepers. The bedding you choose can also help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool at night and preventing night sweats and frequent awakenings.

One such product that promises to deliver deep, restorative sleep is Eight Sleep. This company utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce mattresses, covers, and pods that promise to improve your sleep and overall well-being. But does it really work? We’re here to find out!

Keep reading for an in-depth review of Eight Sleep pods and products so you can make an informed decision about your next bedding purchase.


About Eight Sleep

Designed by athletes, for athletes, the founders of Eight Sleep – Massimo Andreasi, Matteo Franceshetti, and Alexandra Zatarain – strive to fuel human potential through optimal sleep. Backed and endorsed by various world-class athletes including snowboard champion Red Gerard, CrossFit competitor Justin Medeiros, and NBA star Danny Green, the team works to create the most innovative forms of sleep technology. Eight Sleep is also the official sponsor of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team.

Eight Sleep’s products are designed not only to help you achieve the best rest possible, night after night, but cutting-edge technology helps collect crucial data about your sleep habits. This information is then used to offer suggestions and improvements your body needs to perform at the highest level.

The Pod mattress is what Eight Sleep is known for but it’s not the company’s only product. They also sell Pod covers and other accessories including sheets and bedding. But, let’s start with the product that put Eight Sleep on the map and see what sets it apart from other mattresses using innovative technology to track your sleep patterns.

The Pod Mattress

The Pod mattress is designed to only track your sleep but also help regulate your body temperature, which is an important factor in getting quality sleep. Your internal body temperature naturally decreases at night, signaling your brain that it’s time to sleep. Some studies suggest that the cooler your body temperature is, the easier it is to fall and stay asleep.

But not everyone enjoys sleeping in a cold bedroom, while others are plagued by hot flashes and night sweats. The Pod mattress’ innovative technology works to not only cool down your body but also warm it up if your temperature dips too low. The Pod mattress also has dual controls, allowing you and your bedmate to choose the most comfortable temperature for your unique needs.

Once you choose the ideal temperature, the Pod will continue to monitor it all night long. The mattress’ Temperature Autopilot feature adjusts the temperature as you move through each sleep cycle. This feature is designed to deliver not only the most restorative sleep but also support maximum muscle recovery. The bed’s temperatures range from 55°F to as high as 110°F. Not only will these temperatures adjust throughout the night but the Pod recognizes when you fall asleep and starts tracking your data and making adjustments immediately.

When it comes time to wake up, the Pod delivers gentle vibrations throughout its surface. This GentleRise technology gradually changes the temperature of the mattress as well, naturally and progressively nudging you awake. The GentleRise feature is completely customizable to you and your partner can set your own sleep schedules without waking or disturbing one another.

In a world where wearable technology reigns supreme, the Pod mattress offers built-in sleep technology tracking. That means no more having to wear your smartwatch to bed or battling with an uncomfortable and inaccurate sleep tracker. As you sleep, the Pod monitors and documents your sleep and health metrics including your heart and respiratory rates, HRV, and sleep stages. 

Pod Covers

For those not in the market for a brand-new mattress, you can invest in an Eight Sleep Pod cover that fits over any standard mattress. The innovative Pod cover slips over your existing mattress similar to a fitted sheet. Once in place, you can choose and adjust the temperature and set the Pod cover to prep your bed for you. That way, when you climb in at night, your side of the bed is at the ideal temperature. The Eight Sleep app (more on this below), lets both you and your partner adjust and regulate your own side of the mattress for a personalized sleep experience.

The Eight Sleep Pod cover offers all the same benefits and technology as the Pod mattress. In fact, it’s this top layer that does most of the work. From tracking your sleep habits and adjusting the temperature to monitoring your health metrics and using a gentle vibration to wake you up in the morning.

Eight Sleep Accessories

Eight Sleep also sells various products that accommodate and work well with the Pod mattress and Pod cover. These accessories include

  • The Sleep Essential Bundle (Pod sheet, Pod protector, two Carbon Air Pillows)
  • Carbon Air Pillows
  • Air Lite Comforter
  • Pod Sheet Set
  • Pod Protector 
  • Foundation (bed frame)
  • Bamboo duvet cover
  • Gravity blanket

Eight Sleep also sells other sleep products like melatonin, lavender sleep spray, and humidifiers.

Getting Started with Eight Sleep: 5 Easy Steps

Ideally, Eight Sleep suggests you purchase their products from top to bottom for the ultimate sleep experience. The technology is designed to work together to help create the ideal sleep environment. Here are the 5 steps they suggest you follow when making your purchase.

1. Start with a Premium Mattress

If possible, start by purchasing the Pod 3 mattress. If this doesn’t fit into your budget (learn more about the Pod 3 mattress price below) you can use your current mattress paired with the Pod mattress cover.

The Pod 3 mattress has 5 layers of padding that offer targeted back support and relief on all major pressure points. It also pairs perfectly with the Pod technology to deliver the optimal experience.

2. Attach the Active Grid to the Mattress

Next, attach the Active Grid to your mattress using the zipper attachment. This grid is where the magic happens by facilitating continuous absorption of body heat and perspiration. It also adjusts temperatures, removing unwanted heat from the bed to help keep you cool all night long. The Active Grid also contains undetectable sensors that track your sleep patterns, habits, and vitals.

3. Set Up and Connect the Hub

You’ll need a WiFi connection and somewhere to set up the Pod’s Hub which allows water to flow to either side of the Active Grid. This water is what regulates the temperature of your mattress or mattress pad. The Hub also connects to the Eight Sleep app where you can view your sleep data. The Hub and Pod 3 mattresses are the first of their kind to be powered by a quad-core CPU.

4. Download and Personalize the App

The Eight Sleep is easy to download and use. It acts as the central location for all of the data and personal information that the Pod mattress and sensors collect and calculate for you. Here you can view health insights and suggestions, sleep quality metrics, sleeps core, and more. You can also create separate accounts for both you and your bedmate. The Eight Sleep app also acts as the control center where you can adjust the temperature and other features.

As an added bonus, the Eight Sleep app also offers several white noise sounds, guided meditations, and suggestions for morning and nightly stretching and exercise routines. 

5. Get the Best Sleep of Your Life 

Now, the only thing left to do is to get the best sleep of your life! Once you’ve got all the components set up and get your first night of quality sleep, you can start assessing your stats to see how well you’re really sleeping and what you need to adjust. The Eight Sleep app will even send you personalized insights and suggestions on how your health and sleep are connected so you can make necessary adjustments and build healthier habits.

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Eight Sleep Reviews: Pros and Cons

Whether you’re an athlete or not, getting quality sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. If you’re considering a Pod mattress or Pod cover but are still unsure that this high-tech bedding option is right for you, let’s take a look at what real customers have to say about their experience with Eight Sleep’s products.

Pros and Positive Reviews

Here are some compelling statistics from the Eight Sleep website plus reviews from satisfied customers including athletes and other successful professionals.

  • 44% faster sleep onset
  • 34% more deep sleep
  • 32% improved sleep quality 
  • 19% increase in your heart rate variability 
  • Best for back sleepers, side sleepers, and hot sleepers

“The greatest purchase I have ever made alongside Lasik” – Greg Frontiero

“Changed my life. Highly recommend.” – Dr. Market Logic

“One of the only health tech products where I noticed a significant and immediate difference.” – Ben Schoeggl

“An investment that will supercharge you as a human, guaranteed.” – Lukas Tanasuik 

“Completely worth it. Literally the best purchase ever.” – Brad Smith 

“By using Eight Sleep, I’m best able to experience a complete, deep and full night’s sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.” – Andrew Huberman (Ph.D. Neuroscientist and host of the Huberman Lab)

Cons and Negative Reviews

While plenty of people love the innovative technology available with Eight Sleep products, not everyone reported a positive experience. Here are some negative reviews and cons to consider.

  • Set up and maintenance can be an added chore for some people (it’s not a “set it and forget it” type mattress)
  • The Pod cover feels more like a waterbed or air mattress than a soft, plush mattress
  • Not as durable as some other mattress types
  • More expensive than other brands (although many don’t offer the same level of technology)

Here are some reviews from less-than-satisfied customers on Trustpilot.

“Clearly a start-up company that has no sense of direction. Poor customer service.”

“You can’t trust the shipping time or customer support.”

“Leaky Pod with terrible engineering.”

“Website not up to date.”

“Received a dirty, used cover.”

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Cost, Warranty, and More

Before you make a final decision about your purchase, you should know a few more things about the Eight Sleep Pod mattress, Pod cover, and more.

  • Queen foam Pod mattress ranges in price from $2,595 to $3,595
  • Queen size Pod cover costs $1,695
  • 100-night free trial period
  • 10 year warranty for the mattress’ foam layer
  • 2 year warranty for the mattress and cover technology features
  • Medium firmness level
  • The Pod series of products can support up to 500 lbs.

When it comes to overall performance, here are some ratings that show how the Pro mattress and Pro cover stack up against one another.

  • Motion Isolation – Both the mattress and cover received 4 out of 5 stars. Eight Sleep products are designed to deliver comfort, support, and flexibility for individual sleepers without disturbing their partners. The 5 foam comfort layers help reduce most of the movement transfer from one side of the mattress to the other.
  • Pressure Relief – Both products also received a 4 out of 5-star rating for their ability to provide pressure relief. According to one study conducted on sleepers weighing less than 230 lbs, they felt minimal pressure or discomfort. Individuals weighing more than 230 lbs, however, did experience some pressure on their torso and hips and claimed they sank too far into the mattress.
  • Temperature Control – It’s a good thing both the Pod mattress and Pod cover received 5 out of 5 stars for temperature control given this is the primary feature of this particular sleep product. Reviewers report that no other mattress on the market compares to the Pod’s ability to regulate your body temperature, respond, and adjust throughout the night.
  • Support and Ease of Movement – These two products scored differently according to testers. While the mattress received a rating of 3 stars, the cover only got 2 stars. Both bedding items were considered on the softer side, so if it’s a firm mattress you’re after, you may wanna look elsewhere. The same can be said for trying to slide or move easily across the mattress. Many sleepers reported feeling “stuck” in place, so the Pod may not be the best mattress or cover if you tend to toss and turn or switch sleep positions throughout the night.
  • Sex – Aside from sleep, sex is a common bedroom activity. Both the Pod mattress and Pod cover received a 3 out of 5-star rating based on temperature control, ease of movement, and edge support – all factors that come into play when discussing intimate moments between the sheets.
  • Smell – This is one thing most people don’t consider when mattress shopping, but you should! Sadly, the Pod mattress and Pod cover both emit a noticeable odor that some users said, “lingered for days”. For this reason, these Eight Sleep products received only 2 stars out of 5 in the category of off-gassing.

Find a Mattress that Fits Your Needs and Budget

Buying a mattress is a big investment, especially when you’re spending a few thousand dollars. It’s important to do plenty of research before making this major purchase. If you love technology and struggle to regulate your body temperature at night, you’ll likely love the Eight Sleep Pod mattress. Anyone shopping on a budget can still enjoy the benefits of this product by purchasing the Pod cover, which slips over your current mattress.

In addition to creating a comfortable sleep environment, adopting healthy sleep habits and routines can support quality rest and ease insomnia symptoms. The first step in achieving blissful sleep is identifying and understanding your sleep issues. The professionals at Somnus Therapy can help. Click here to find out how.

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