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Here’s some nice stuff Somnus 30 Alumni have said about the program

“Somnus 30 really changed my life! The intimate sessions gives you an opportunity to really tailor the solutions for your own needs. Since Somnus 30 my energy, happiness and sleep have all gotten so much better!”  

- Claire Newman

“One of the best things I have done! I was recommended Somnus 30 by my doctor as the waiting list for in-person sleep therapy in my area was ridiculously long! Was able to immediately see the benefits”

- Alex Jensen

“Extremely happy with the results after joining Somnus 30. I’ve gone from sleeping 2 hours a night (if at all) to now sleeping around 6-7 hours a night! Didn’t know a sleep cohort could be this effective for insomnia..”

- Tahlia York

“Amazing experience with Somnus 30! All the information in one place taught by medical professionals who are with you every step of the way! Not to mention the community aspect – it really helped to keep me motivated, even on those bad nights.”

- Jordan Alford

“Insomnia was really haunting my life. I tried a few things I read online, but nothing seemed to work. But, after joining Somnus 30, I’m now seeing progress for the first time. Thank you so much. ”

- Richard Kane

“Experts! The Somnus team truly are experts. The program is well put together and I love the sessions and structure. I highly recommend Somnus 30 to anyone with sleep problems. My sleep has gone from hardly anything to 6 hours a night – I feel great!”

- Natalie Owens

“I really needed help as my sleep was terrible, I’d go to sleep for an hour then suddenly wake up without being able to go back to sleep. Somnus 30 really helped me to understand why this happens and what I should be doing instead. A month later – problem solved!”

- David Conley

“Somnus 30 has made a HUGE difference to my life! I would constantly wake during the night and suffer from really broken sleep. I’ve learnt so much during the month, I now have the tools and confidence to get to sleep and more importantly STAY asleep – I’m so happy!”

- Katie Hewitt

“Grateful to be a part of this amazing journey that helped change my sleep quality for the better… THANK YOU! Huge thanks to everyone on my cohort – we did it! Not only am I sleeping better but also met some amazing people along the way :)”

- Harper Gray

“I used to rely on sleeping pills to get to sleep, it got to a point where I was increasing my dosage to little avail… thanks to Somnus 30 I now sleep well each night without medication! This was a huge milestone for me – so thank you to all the Somnus team.”

- Johnathon Greer

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