😴 Cohort 3 - Somnus 30 - 1st November - 30th November

Somnus 30 Includes:


LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL FUTURE SOMNUS 30 UPDATES, including live session recordings, videos, worksheets, and bonus material.


THE CORE - 8 two-hour live class sessions + Guest Workshops + Live Q&As


LIFETIME ACCESS to all the session recordings.


FREE ENROLLMENT in the next live cohort, so you can get the full Somnus 30 experience a second time to consolidate learning.


MEMBER-ONLY COMMUNITY for rapid access to our specialists and other Somnus 30 members.

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Somnus 30 Reviews

“Somnus 30 has made a HUGE difference to my life! I would constantly wake during the night and suffer from really broken sleep. I’ve learnt so much during the month, I now have the tools and confidence to get to sleep and more importantly STAY asleep – I’m so happy!”

- Katie Hewitt

“I used to rely on sleeping pills to get to sleep, it got to a point where I was increasing my dosage to little avail… thanks to Somnus 30 I now sleep well each night without medication! This was a huge milestone for me – so thank you to all the Somnus team.”

- Johnathon Greer

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't see an improvement in your sleep after completing the Somnus 30 Program, just let us know and we'll refund every penny.