Upcoming Sessions

Introduction to Insomnia

Session 1

What’s This All About?

Session 2

The Brain That Changes Itself

Session 3

Sleep Myths: Fact or Fiction

Session 4

Negative Sleep Thoughts

Session 5

Awareness and Acceptance

Session 6

Safety-seeking Behaviours

Session 7

A Mindful Approach To Insomnia

Session 8

The 3P model

Understanding Insomnia

Session 9

Better Day, Better Night

Session 10

When Should You Sleep?

Session 11

Pills and Potions

Session 12

Taking Notice

Session 13

You’re Sleeping More Than You Think!

Session 14

Expressive writing

Session 15

Core Sleep

Session 16

An Introduction to Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Session 17


Your Sleep Environment

Session 18

Love Your Bed Again!

Session 19

Noise and Sleep – Ssshhhh

Session 20

Too Hot! Too Cold! Just Right!

Session 21

Darkness Matters

Session 22

Beds and mattresses

Session 23

Mindful body scan

Session 24

Think Away Your Stress

Challenge Negative Thinking

Session 25

Talking To Others

Session 26

Upper Body PMR

Session 27

Welcoming Negative Thoughts

Session 28

Welcoming Meditation

Session 29

What Type of Negative Thinker Are You?

Session 30

Reality Check

Session 31

Live Your Life

Session 32

Monitoring Progression

The Racing Mind

Session 33

Mindful music meditation

Session 34

The Relaxation Response

Session 35

Today/Tomorrow Thoughts

Session 36

The Thinking Mind

Session 37

Be The Hero Of Your Own Movie

Session 38

The Problem Solving Mind

Build a New Sleeping Pattern

Session 39

Introduction to Winding Down

Session 40

Your Wind-down Routine

Session 41

Sleep Restriction Therapy

Session 42

Addressing The Concerns

Session 43

Managing Spikes

Session 44

Lower Body PMR

The Journey Continues

Session 45

Mindful Walking

Session 46

Learning by Teaching

Session 47


Session 48

Face PMR

Session 49


Session 50

The Journey Continues